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The plants featured in this column are not only beautiful natives, but commonly used in landscapes all over Southeast Michigan.
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ecoChic (pronounced eekoh sheek) landscape design inc. is a new type of landscape design firm located in Southeast Michigan and is based on much experience and thought developed for the 21st Century and influenced by the New American Landscape movement. We embrace new ideas and test new trends for solving landscape challenges, focusing on environmentally-friendly methods which work in our area and are safe for our clients, their family, pets, friends, and critters who come to visit. These innovative eco-landscaping ideas are often more cost effective in the long run and produce beautiful results.

We believe in educating our clients by providing the best information possible so they can make the most balanced decisions for their landscapes. ecoChic believes in cost-effective solutions that do the least harm to the environment while mazimizing the beauty of our clients' personal space. Landscapes should always be examined and re-examined to determine what can be done best while reducing maintenance and in-puts. Our clients' happiness with their landscape is our highest priority.

Some of ecoChic landscape design's methods include:

  • Maximize garden beauty, minimize the impact
  • Preferring native plants and cultivars that are more sustainable in Michigan
  • Reducing water use with rain barrels and drip irrigation
  • Natural shoreline lakescaping
  • Sustainable landscapes that are plant-design oriented 
  • Incorporating vegetable & herb gardens in the landscape 
  • Controlling stormwater run-off with rain gardens
  • Year-round garden interest
  • Edible plants are not just for humans -- attracting wildlife
  • Designing for the senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste
  • Eco-safe strategies and native critters for pest control
  • Low-maintenance, low-input "freedom" lawns 
  • Container plantings aren't just for flowers
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