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Here are some of the services that ecoChic landscape design provides for residential and business projects:

Landscape design: new installations and renovations

  • Modern Michigan native plant and cultivar gardens
  • Butterfly, caterpillar, and pollinator gardens
  • Custom container plantings -- garden pick-me-ups
  • Mixed tree, shrub, and perennial beds
  • Using trees and shrubs to minimize utility costs
  • Natural shoreline lakescaping
  • Clean and low water strategies

Horticultural Consulting

  • Healthy and low-maintenance lawns
  • Plant health care and diagnosis
  • Client education and coaching
  • Drainage and water solutions with rain barrels and drip irrigation
  • Invasive plant identification and removal strategies
  • Soon to come: invasive plant removal 

The "Green" Test and Action Plan

?  How "green" is your yard?

?  How safe is your lawn for kids and pets?

?  How to reduce costs and maintenance

?  Don't guess -- Soil Test!

?  Rain Barrels and drip irrigation

Presentations and talks, which include:

?  Rain barrels and installation

?  Using Native Plants to Attract Birds and Butterflies

?  Recognizing and Removing Invasive Plants

? Creating a beautiful natural lake or river shore

?  Living with all kinds of critters, even the ones not wanted

Spring color

ecoChic landscape design also provides consulting and design services for landscape contractors and installers who wish to augment their business to address the eco-friendly movement. Many potential clients are asking for the new landscape techniques, and ecoChic can help the landscape contractor or installer to meet those needs.
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